Seagull Bait and Tackle Fishing Report

Trophy Size Tuna & Wahoo In The Gulf Stream

Published on May 24th, 2006 by Press | Click for more | Add Your Comment

It’s time for Spanish Mackerel and I’m here to tell you there are plenty out there. The piers are getting their share of Spanish. The size is still a little small. The biggest I have heard of was around one and a half pounds. Five to ten miles out there are plenty of mid-size King Mackerel around the fifteen-pound range. On the bottom, Black Bass and Snapper are really starting to bite. If you run to the Gulf Stream, well, that’s another story. Plenty of Tuna and Wahoo and some are trophy size. The surf has been producing some big Blue Fish up to the six and seven pound range with a lot of little ones being caught as well. There are still a few Whiting around being caught mainly on sand fleas. Black Drum are still feeding on sand fleas and shrimp. Both piers on the Island are catching some Black Drum and Whiting. The river seems to be full of small Croaker. If you can find an area were the Croakers are not plentiful, then there are probably some nice Puppy Drum to be caught. Flounder are around and I have heard of some four and five pound catches but no reports of really good catches. There is plenty of bait in the water but they seem to be a little behind last years’ numbers. That’s going to improve. Keep trying new spots and use fresh bait. Keep fishin and releasin! Steve and Karen Labanec Seagull Bait and Tackle

Mike Rhein caught this Spanish Mackerel 5.25 lbs 25.25” 5/20/06 fishing the jetty using a pogie on a kite. Photo from B&B Bait and Tackle; Carolina Beach.

John Milligan Jr. with a citation grouper 22 lbs 35” 5/13/06. Photo from B&B Bait and Tackle; Carolina Beach.

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Lots of Snapper

Published on May 17th, 2006 by Press | Click for more | Add Your Comment

Fishing continues to improve daily offshore, inshore and near shore. Offshore, there is a lot of Tuna and Wahoo. All are thirty miles out or better. A little closer to shore there are plenty of King Mackerel. No trophies, but plenty of snakes all around the ten to fifteen mile mark. Bottom fishing has been rather good with lots of Snapper and a few nice Grouper. Close to the hill, I am starting to hear a lot about Spanish Mackerel. No giants, but if you can get out there, there are plenty of small ones. Both piers are catching Blue Fish on a regular basis along with some small Spanish and Black Drum. I’m sure there are still some Whiting around. The surf has been producing some big Blue Fish. We have heard of some real nice ones upwards of five pounds and there are still plenty of Pompano. There was a run of some big Black drum last week in the five pound + range. In the river, there are plenty of Puppy Drum in the range of size from legal all the way to twenty pounds. We still hear there is plenty of whiting down near Bald Head Island and some Trout scattered up and down the river. Flounder still remain a little small but that will change shortly. Keep fishin and releasin! Steve and Karen Labanec Seagull Bait and Tackle

John Tesh and Tom Altieri caught three tuna at 36, 38 & 40 lbs. fishing about 40 miles out.

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