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ProFishNC Charters: NC Late Spring Fishing Report

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Early Summer Fishing is HOT!   There are LOTS OF FISH TO BE CAUGHT RIGHT NOW!King Mackerel Fishing Topsail Beach

Our Spring Wilmington Fishing Charters including Topsail Beach, Wrightsville Beach & Carolina Beach are going STRONG!   Our Water Temps here in SE Coastal NC are from 67 – 70 Degrees currently and warming up FAST providing some Excellent Fishing.

Whats you can expect to catch right now:

Spanish Mackerel Fishing is Great right now with large schools of fish pushing up the nearshore coast.   We are catching them on YoZuri Deep Divers trolling fast.

Atlantic Bonito are still around and falling for the YoZuri Deep Divers as well.  The current run of Bonito are a little smaller class of fish than the early run Bonito.

The Bluefish are so thick in numbers they are now a nuisance while targeting mackerel.  I found that speeding up my troll speed to above 6kts keeps the bluefish off my baits and focuses more on mackerel.

Spanish Mackerel Fishing Wrightsville Beach

The King Mackerel are here now as we have been catching good numbers of them in the 3-8 mile range.  We are catching the Kings on both live baits (slow trolled) and YoZuri Deep Divers (the larger ones).

Flounder Fishing is Excellent right now as well…    We are now catching double digit numbers on many of our inshore fishing charters and LARGE Flatties on our offshore bottom fishing charters.   I am using 1-2oz Spro Jigs paired with Berkeley Gulp and fishing the tops of nearshore ledges and structure.  These offshore Flounder are in the 2-6 lb range on average!

Red Drum Fishing is getting better every day as many fish are moving from the surf zone back into the inlets and creeks.   We are catching most of our redfish in the backwaters around oyster bars and docks.   They are hitting both live baits and Soft baits on jigheads.

Black Seabass Fishing continues to be good with most of my Offshore Bottom Fishing Charters catching huge numbers of seabass; though not all keepers, many go in the cooler.Bonito Fishing Topsail Beach

Cobia Fishing is picking up now with the migration of the bait fish that are moving up our coast.   The cobia are falling for both live baits and artificials (they are VERY Curious Fish).

We are currently running Offshore Fishing Charters and Inshore Fishing Charters for all of our local beaches and still have availability for our Summer Fishing Trips.  We fish for it all… so if you want to target a specific species or fish a certain technique just let me know and we will make it happen.   When you fish with ProFishNC, you can expect to do it all including Trolling, Drift Fishing, Offshore Bottom Fishing, Jigging, Sight-Casting, etc.

We have a new website for our Topsail Beach Clients, take a look at our Topsail Beach Fishing Charters Website!

Don’t Forget to Pass Down the Fun you had as a child and TAKE YOUR KIDS FISHING!


Capt. Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters

(910) 547-0000

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ProFishNC Charters April Fishing Report and May Fishing Forecast

Published on April 21st, 2014 by Capt. Trev | Click for more | Add Your Comment

ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report & Forecast April 21st 2014 (Happy Easter!)Wrightsville Beach Bluefish Charters

As your typical Spring Fishing would have it, we have had many really awesome days filling the cooler and fish limits and some slower days where we pick up only 3 or 4 fish… all depending on the weather conditions.   Rest assured, if we have had a stretch of rainy & cold days, the fishing slows a bit; however, when we get warmer days in the 70’s and nights in the 60’s the bite tends to be on FIRE!

I’ll break the fishing report down by beaches.

Lets start with our Topsail Beach Charter Boats.    Fishing has been productive off the beach on our “Deep Sea Fishing Charters” (Deep Sea has a different context to everyone; however, we have been fishing 10 miles offshore lately on the 10 mile rock area and have been producing Limits of Black Seabass and some really nice sized Tautog).  We are also seeing the Bluefish show up in good numbers with the Bonito right around the corner!   Try Divers Rock in the next week for the first wave of these tasty Little Tuna.  The inlet fishing conditions at Topsail Beach are a little tough with both inlets a bit tricky to navigate at the lower tides.   We currently are Fishing our Topsail Beach trips out of Wrightsville Beach due to the easily navigated Masonboro Inlet.   Inshore Fishing Topsail Beach has been good as well, though not as hot as Offshore Fishing.   The big bluefish “Chopper Blues” have shown up this week with many caught over 10 lbs!   I am catching the Big Bluefish on whole mullet (caught last fall and brined) with at 3/ot circle hook and about 5 inches of wire.   Then to a swivel with an appropriate sized egg weight on the main line above (Carolina Rig).

Our Wrightsville Beach Charter Boats fishing reports are about identical to Topsail Beach Fishing reports as we are pretty much fishing the same areas.   Big Bluefish in the back Tautog Fishing Topsail Beachwaters (especially on the falling tides), lots of sea bass at the 5 and 10 mile boxcars & a few false albacore showing up for some fun sight fishing activity.  Inshore Fishing Wrightsville Beach has been great some days and slower others (weather dependent) with some days catching Huge Number of Red & Black Drum then other days only catching a hand full.    The Flounder Fishing is picking up as well with at least a few caught on every trip this week.

Our Wilmington Charter Boats have had great fishing in the Cape Fear River (until the rains arrived recently).  We’ve been catching good numbers of Speckled Trout and both Red and Black Drum on every trip.  The Cape Fear River fishing will be strong throughout the year and is always an option for great fishing.

Our Carolina Beach Charter Boats have been catching the same as Wrightsville and Topsail Beach:  Sea Bass offshore bottom-fishing along with Big Tautog.  Inshore Fishing Carolina Beach has produced good number of Flounder in the inlets and Red Drum on the Docks.   The Spanish Mackerel will be here any day so be ready to tie on your favorite casting lures!

Fishing Forecast:  Our Water Temp at the 5 Mile Buoy currently is showing 59.2 degrees (four degrees cooler surface temp than this time last week) but is warming fast!    The Spanish Mackerel and Bonito here within the next week and the monster inshore chopper bluefish will stay around for the next three weeks providing light tackle fun!

Charter Boats Red DrumFeel Free to give me a call anytime and hope to see you on the water this year!

Capt. Trev

ProFishNC Charters

(910) 547-0000

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