Capt. John's Fishing Reports

The Reds are Biting!!!

Published on July 17th, 2011 by Capt. John Pagenstecher | Click for more | Add Your Comment

This past week the fishing has gotten much better. Although it has generally been better on the falling tides there have been fish to catch all day. We caught great numbers of Redfish that are between 22″ and 27″ that are really burning out some line, The Flounder biter continues to get better landing several good Flounder per trip. The best news has been more Speckeled Trout are showing up.

Eathan and Adam Hartman fron Carmel IN with a nice early morning Red and a 20" Flouunder

Jeremy Miller of Spraggs PA with big smile and his 24" Redfish

Gary Spitznogle showing off a 23" Redfish

Nick Smith learned the art of catching flounder on Tuesday afternoon

"Match the catch to the hatch" is an approiate fishing saying for little Caleb Smith and his Flounder. As he gets older I expect the fish will get bigger!!

Lee Hess and 27" of rodeo fighting fun… Nice Red!!

While fishing with her husband Jenny Hess scored a legal Cape Fear Slam as the pictures below will attest to…..

Jenny's 20" "Dalmation" Red

Jenny is on her way to a slam with a 15" Speckeled Trout

It took a little more tie but finally Jenny caught her 16" Flounder.

Ashley Thomason who never caught a fish before lights up with a smile with a 25" Redfish

The Hess's learned that by giving fish a little kiss before releasing them the fishing karma improves….They caught 15 slot reds in one 25 minute time span….

Most of the fish we caught this past week were released as our friends from out of town did not have facilities to cook them. Please be responsible about what you keep which will help maintain a healthy fishery.


Capt John      <”))))))*><

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Hey Flounder Fishermen & Women

Published on July 9th, 2011 by Capt. John Pagenstecher | Click for more | Add Your Comment

The fishing is still a little up and down but it is getting much better. This past week the Flounder have become much more consistent, producing about 4 or 5 per trip.

Early in the week Melissa Pahel and Kevin Kindred went out fishing and picked up nice Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Flounder… A “Cape Fear Slam”

Melissa Pahel and her 20″ Speckled Trout

Kevin Kindred showing off his 24″ Redfish 

On Tuesday the Organ family Naperville, Ill. went out and caught 5 flounder and 2 redfish.

Cullen Organ and his 19″ Flounder 

On Wednesday Bob Brunett took out his son Ryan and they got into the flounder and redfish but left them all in the creek as they had to go back to Pennsylvania.

Once Ryan Burnette put on his lucky hat he became Ryan “Flounder Pounder” Burnette, catching 4 flounder by himself!!! 

Thursday we started the day in the ocean and picked up 14 Spanish Mackerel then to the Creeks in the afternoon where although the fishing was a little slow the fish we did catch were exceptional!

Raby Meng, a fly fisherman from Pittsburg, just picked up his first Redfish…25″ with spinning tackle. No more fly fishing for Raby. 

On his last cast of the day, Dr. Padiwath Ung of Pinehurst, NC landed this 20″ Flounder. there is no question what he had for dinner…. 

There are more schools of bait fish showing up every day which brings in the fish we are looking for.

Lets Go Fishing….
Capt. John

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